post 1. january 2.2017

what's the most basic. thing you've ever heard a white girl say?  you got it.  i'm starting a blog.  ...except...

the term 'blog' scares me.  i can't pinpoint why exactly, but that word evokes in me the creepiest case of the cold and scratchies [antonym: warm-and-fuzzies].  i'm probably not educated enough on the matter to comment, but it would seem that the intent of a blog is to be updated on a consistent schedule based on the notion that the regularity of said blog gives the audience a semblance of knowing the voice behind it.  as luck would have it, i am ill-equipped to follow such a strategy.  i don't always have musings worth sharing, and i won't compromise the integrity of my writing or your time by slapping something down that is invaluable or uninteresting just because "update blog" is on the agenda.  i can't handle that kind of pressure.  therefore, the intermittent sharing of what's floating around in my brain shall henceforth be recognized as my p-lace o-f s-pontaneous t-hought. or simply, post.

since this is our inaugural post, i figure i should at least try to outline what the objective of this space is.  i believe in what my company stands for and is trying to accomplish, but i want you to buy into it too.  i've already seen how the lack of human interaction can negatively affect a web-based business.  that personal connection to another individual is sometimes what tips the scale for a purchase, a decision, a goal, or a dream.  when you don't have that face-to-face contact, you don't build rapport.  you won't see the late nights of updating inventory and checking correspondence.  you don't feel the passion with which the proprietor selected that particular product.  you can't touch the seams of those pants to see their exquisite handmade craftsmanship.  you can't hear my husband ask me for the fourteenth time when i want to do an inventory check [answer: never].  this disconnect is a downfall of e-commerce, and i am slowly but surely trying to figure out a way to remedy it.

we have limitations.  we are still a [VERY!] small business, and our resources are strained here, there, and everywhere.  but we've got big ideas and big dreams, and we want you to be a part of them.  so while we work out the kinks of growing pains, and sometimes-better-than-others-photography-because-i-am-not-a-photographer-but-i'm-having-to-be-the-photographer, and trying to establish a social media presence [who knew i would ever care about the number of likes i get?], and how the hell do we tackle brand awareness?, and hoping and praying and working and grinding to make this site a success, i hope that you will get to know us a little better.  

i don't control the urge to write, and i try to follow it whenever my brain tells me that is what it needs.  i also don't control the subject matter.  i can force my writing.  i was a great b-s college paper writer.  but i don't want to do that.  especially not here.  basic. is one of the truest, realest parts of me.  it was a tiny pipe dream that we made a reality, and i want it to stay as authentically true to itself as possible.  i want what i say here to be organic and genuine.  if you are the person who craves the human experience, then i want you to feel the insides and outsides of the farthest corners of my brain so deeply that the human interaction that you don't get by shopping on our site will be an irrelevant technicality. i want you to know everything there is to know about the how, the why, the what, the when, the what if.  so i will write about the designers.  i'll write about why we chose a specific line.  i'll write about why some things are included and others aren't.  i'll write about human rights.  i'll write about design inspiration.  i'll write about my struggles and victories, both personal and professional.  i'll write about empowerment and how we hope to improve the world we live in.  i'll write about facts, and i'll write about opinions, and i'll write anything i can to help you touch the heart, soul, and love behind each individual stock photo of a chick in basic. clothes.  




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