post 5. may 2. 2017

it’s almost summer.  and really, given that i’m in alabama, it already feels like summer down here most days.  much to my chagrin, summer means bathing suits and tank tops and shorts and sweat.  so. much. sweat.  and i hate being hot.  give me an oversized sweater and a sub-zero temperature, and i couldn’t be happier.  summer here is oppressive.  it feels as though hell itself is digging out from below to engulf the south and all the people who reside in it. gross.

 but it’s had me thinking about health lately.  it’s kind of the same drill year-in-year-out.  about mid- march, my pure barre classes get so full that i get whatever the exercise-version of hangry is. people are out running all over the place, and i’d rather face a bout of plague than go to the Y after work.  in general, once we have that threat of showing our bodies to the world, we start focusing on eating more healthfully and exercising.  i think we should all be proud of who we are regardless, but it just seems to be a natural pattern. and honestly, it’s pretty hard to eat a big bowl of stew and drink hot chocolate when it’s 14435 degrees outside.  that watermelon feta concoction stuff just tastes better. 

 anywho, i digress.  so back to my thoughts about health.  most of you have probably seen me write about my eating disorder before, but for those of you who haven’t, i had one.  once i began appreciating my body and started trying to undo everything i had done to it, i dedicated a lot of time to learning about health.  i taught myself to cook [with the guidance of a nutritionist], i learned to love and appreciate food in a way  i never had, and i learned about the way different foods interact with my body [cheese will always be its best friend.  this is a lie, but everyone needs at least one that they tell to themselves, right?].  the most important thing i learned is that everyone is different, but there are some basic guidelines that apply to most of us.  genetically engineered food = yikes.  exercise = a pain sometimes, but good for the heart.  water = life.  these are all truths.  they might be my truths, but i’d be willing to bet they apply to you too.

 over the past ten years, we’ve seen knowledge about what we put into our insides grow exponentially.  it’s everywhere.  we’ve had this food awakening of sorts in the US where, generally speaking, people have become more thoughtful about their food and where it comes from. we had a first lady [slay, queen] who made it a national priority to educate children on the benefits of exercise and healthful eating.  we’ve seen traditional fast food cast into the shadows in favor of fast-casual fresh food establishments.  places like whole foods, sprouts, and fresh market have made it a priority to provide foods we can identify and source.  it’s remarkable how much has changed in terms of what we consume.  there are tons of varying opinions on paleo, gluten-free, plant-based diets, etc, but the underlying theme is that everyone seems to be paying more attention to it.  and i get it!  i like knowing what i’m putting into my body.  after all, i aim to stick around for a while.  i’ve got at least a few more words of wisdom [lolz] to impart on the world.

 so what about what we put onto our bodies?  we have slowly become more cognizant about lotions and shampoos and skincare products.  parabens are quickly being eliminated, and naturally-derived brands are making a huge surge in the cosmetics industry.  this makes sense.  if we care about what we put on the inside of our bodies, it makes sense to care what we do to the outside of it too, right [this is rhetorical, of course i’m right.]? so let me blow your mind for a second. if you, like me, weren’t paying complete attention in high school anatomy.  your skin is THE LARGEST ORGAN OF YOUR BODY.  large letters for large organs.  it’s science. 

 the average american used to be priced out of the organic food market.  it was just too expensive to shop at aforementioned whole foods, etc.  however, driven by consumer demand, the organic market is more affordable and accessible now.  it’s taken some time, sure, but it’s happened.  and we believe the same thing is happening in fashion.  if your skin is your largest organ, then it stands to reason that what you wear is important too.  and what you wear isn’t just important for your health; it’s equally important for the lives of the individuals making your clothing and the impact the garment industry has on the environment.  just as fast food is slowly fading, we believe fast fashion will, too.  it’s more affordable now, yes, but it’s unsustainable.  and really, is it more affordable in the long run?  our hope is that awareness will drive the consumer to make more sustainable and ethical choices about the clothing they buy and wear, because it. makes. sense.  we are proud to offer such clothing.  we are incredibly humbled by the ground-breaking work that our brands are pioneering.  we are honored to work with people from all backgrounds who respect our world enough to try and better it. 

 our clothes are more expensive than many available alternatives.  we do not seek to deny that.  but our clothes treat you and others with kindness and conscientiousness.  and we feel like that is worth the price.    




lacey…with some killer contribution from caroline

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