about about arianne

designed in poblenou, barcelona, spain. made nearby in elche, alicante, spain.


ariadna [ ari ] guirado and ernesto vidal founded their line, about arianne, in 2010 in barcelona. their designs feature locally sourced materials and craftsmanship, and their mission is to produce 'walkable' shoes without compromising on style. 

because of their care for environmental impact, all of their shoes are made-to-order to prevent over production and waste. trending toward a future vegan footprint, many of their materials are made with high-quality vegetable or vegan leathers. when they do source authentic animal leather, they do so consciously and responsibly. all packaging is ecofriendly, and the company continually works toward a more sustainable supply chain. 

both ari and ernesto live in barcelona, spain. 


never will there exist a more comfortable shoe than the nico boot, period. for this reason alone we'll likely always carry them. ha!

in all seriousness though, ari and ernesto are two of the easiest-going, kindest people i've had the pleasure of working with. their product speaks for itself, as each style is exceptionally well done. and while i do love their shoes, i also appreciate who they are and the type of business they're trying to grow. they've had pay equality since the beginning, guys.

about arianne consistently delivers a juxtaposition of retro and modern that is fun, wearable, and doesn't make your feet want to remove themselves from the rest of your lower appendages. without a doubt, they're a keeper.