about combine de filles

designed in brooklyn. made in nyc.


aissatou marie c. is a parisian-born designer whose philosophy is that expertise is essential, and her specialty is the jumpsuit. she believes that jumpsuits, whether one piece or two, are "the ultimate of cool" and can be worn effortlessly for many different types of occasions.

combine de filles is distinguished by their clean lines and attention to construction. the designs are a nod toward sophisticated minimalism, and the versatility of the pieces is endless. aissatou is confident in the simple strength of her garments, which is why she designs only a few pieces for each season. her ambition is to create apparel that is easy to wear and sustainable over time. every style is produced in small batches with talented makers in manhattan. 


some people simply have an eye for sophistication. aissatou herself is warm and elegant, and she is the type of person whose designs reflect a lot of who she is on the inside. 

i, admittedly, went into the reemergence of the jumpsuit as a wardrobe staple with some skepticism. i am happy to report that i am a convert. if you can give me just one article of clothing that i have to keep up with and it can be worn for a ton of events, i'm in. the silky soft pantsuits feel like beautiful pajamas, but they look boss af. 

do we really need to say anything more?