about megan huntz

designed and made in atlanta, georgia.


megan huntz [ pronounced mee-gan, wink wink ] makes women's ready to wear built on the belief that elegance can be an everyday practice. as a southern woman, megan's collection shows a special admiration for and attention to the great party dress. with a practical eye, classic italian influences, and a love for silk, she launched her eponymous collection in 2014.

after living and working in italy for many years, megan was inspired by the craft and style associated with “made in italy” fashion. today, her line of fine clothing is designed and produced ethically in her hometown of atlanta. 

megan huntz believes that fashion should inspire, be a pleasure, feel natural, bring joy, bring out one's inner beauty, be made ethically, and create a positive impact. 

"your fashion reflects your values: from the design, to the fabrics and the quality, to the way it's made. by shopping with me, you aren't just buying a piece of clothing, you are supporting an ecosystem. one that's built on local contractors and creative entrepreneurs—many of whom, like me, are women who have chosen a path less traveled in pursuit of their purpose. I am honored to have you wear my pieces.” - megan huntz


as a southern woman myself, i'm always on the hunt for designers down here who are quietly making an impact. when i first started looking at megan huntz, i was almost immediately met with next level awesome. megan's claim, stamped all over her brand, was "i'll show you how to wear a dress." BOOM. confident, proud, and so damn boss. and she doesn't disappoint.  

as a fellow dreamer with an affinity for art and culture, megan and i connected almost instantly. she's lived a profoundly full life for her age, and she's done it with style and poise. she's intelligent, thoughtful, and crazy artistic. she invests in her local community and believes in the responsibility of the individual to leave things a bit better than we found them. i think maybe she sees the world through brighter eyes than the rest of us.

regardless, i'm v glad she taught me to wear a dress. let her teach you to wear one too.