Copy of about basic.

slow fashion. staples. social responsibility.

basic. is a slow fashion shop based in the deep south.

our team sources ethically-made apparel from indie designers who work within transparent supply chains.

basic. is a human-centric community.

$5 of every sale (including from our secondhand shop!) is donated to the southern poverty law center and the human rights watch.

basic. is a safe space to learn and grow.

we create content meant to educate, elevate, and engage.

basic. is the place where you. do. you.

a man with dark buzzed hair sits with his shirt open on the side of a pool. the pool deck is aqua, and his is leaning back on his right arm. bubbles float in the foreground.
a woman with a brunette shag stands in front of an orange background wearing a black sleeveless column dress and baby blue boots. her arms are draped with a light purple shawl and are held out from her sides.
a woman with natural curls and large gold hoops sits in a chair in front of a plywood background. she is wearing a black t-shirt that says 7053 with a floral skirt and combat boots. she is leaning forward with her hands crossed over her knees.
a woman stands with her back to the camera in front of a hibiscus-colored background. she is wearing a shortsleeved burnt orange jumpsuit. there is writing over the image that reads
black and white image of a woman wearing a 20s beaded headpiece and a white, spaghetti-strap silk dress
a woman with shoulder length light brown hair stands in front of a goldenrod background. she is wearing an iridescent visor and gold dangle earrings with a hibiscus-colored jumpsuit. her hands are in her pockets.
a Black woman with waist-length braids stands in front of a fuschia background. she is smiling and wearing a fitted, elbow-length zip up jumpsuit.
two girls wearing sunglasses and reversible crop tops stand in front of a blue spotted background. the girl on the right soft smiles and leans into the back of the woman on the left.
two feet wear orange pointed toe croc slingbacks in front of an orange background. the kitten heel is hexagonal.
a man lays on a diving board above a pool. he is wearing a coral matching crop top and pants set with sunglasses. his arms are outstretched, and he holds a drink in his right hand.
a woman with a cropped bob and bangs shakes her hair in front of a brick wall. she is wearing a dark green coat and a cream sweater underneath. her eyes are closed.
a woman with shoulder-length hair sits in front of a goldenrod background with a draped sheet behind her. she is wearing red sunglasses and a spaghetti-strap white tiered dress with red buttons. there are yellow and orange flowers sprinkled around her.
kristen laughs and leans forward in front of an orange background with one hand in her pocket and the other on her hip. she is wearing rose-colored translucent glasses, a light pink v-neck knit dress, and a coordinating neck scarf.

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