5 things to swap in 2021

5 things to swap in 2021 

so you've made a resolution to become more sustainable - we're here to help guide you! here are five quick swaps to make in 2021 to lead you to a more sustainable way of life.


dryer balls provide static reduction, softness, and faster drying times. dryer balls last for around 1,000 loads, and that is kind of a big deal considering the average family washes at least 300 loads of laundry a year.


reusable bags are a no brainer, my friends, but fun fact: single use plastic bags take 500+ years to degrade in a landfill (like, WHAT?!).


approximately 17 million tons of american textile waste was sent to landfills during 2018. the best practice would be to donate directly to schools, places of worship, homeless shelters, community outreach centers, and friends.


besides the notable fact that these cups are reusable (which means more money in your pocket and more smiles from mother earth) they are also better for your vagina. they won’t dry you out, aren’t associated with toxic shock syndrome, and decrease odor.


bar soap is for the cool kids. bar soap uses less packaging and takes less water to produce, and they are generally made from a combination of fat/ oil, water, and alkali. alternatively, liquid soap is typically made of a synthetic detergent derived from chemical compounds..

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the team at basic. sources ethically-made garments from emerging and established independent designers. we only partner with brands that disclose their production processes + work within transparent supply chains.

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