"as consumers, we have so much power to change the world just be being careful in what we buy."

—emma watson, actress + activist

basic. is a slow fashion + ethically-made lifestyle shop based in birmingham, alabama.

with an ethos centered around people and the planet, we stock only ethically-made apparel and lifestyle goods for folks who care about where their stuff comes from. many of our brands own their production outright, while others craft their pieces themselves and/or in partnership with skilled artisans around the world.

regardless, everything in our shop was made in dignified environments by individuals paid a living wage.

our models are our family and friends, and we don't retouch or edit our photos to change bodies or appearance because why would we? every once in a while, we will have to color correct a product to make sure it is accurately portrayed; and occasionally we use our brands' images if we haven't had time to take our own.

in honor of humans everywhere, basic. donates a portion of every purchase to groups fighting for human rights. we also frequently partner with other organizations working to create a more just and equitable society.

thank you for supporting our impact-focused, women-owned small business. we could never do it without our community— and we're immensely grateful.

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