about basic.

basic. offers a carefully curated selection of staple apparel for the contemporary woman.  we provide versatile essentials that serve as the anchor pieces for any wardrobe.  in our business, quality is more valued than quantity.  

as part of the responsible fashion movement, basic. represents brands with a conscience.   we want you to wear clothing that feels as good to your inside as it does to your outside.  the brands we partner with practice conscientious manufacturing and production, and you can be certain that the individuals who crafted your garments did so in satisfying work environments.  knowledge is power, and we believe you should know about what you are wearing.  every woman should have access to apparel that leaves her feeling confident and empowered, and we aim to give it to her.

basic. was never meant to be boring.  neither are you.


about the folks behind the brand

lacey: bright idea behind the brand.  lacey came up with basic. because she was sick and tired of scouring the internet for hours looking for quality staple apparel that wasn't made by a kid.  during the week, you'll find her at her much-different-than-basic day job (with caroline!), shaking and sweating through pure barre, and/or just generally trying to keep her shit together.  she loves to cook [always involving cheese] for her husband who eats more than is even kind of normal.  her favorite activity in the world is having a glass of wine on the porch at the lake while one dog naps in her lap and the other does god-knows-what [aforementioned husband being present is generally a plus as well].  she's direct, monotone, extremely dry, and overall well-intentioned.  harry potter and his compadres may or may not be her best friends.  judge her. 

caroline: the get-it-done behind the brand.  caroline is the driving force behind growing the identity of our brand and opening new doors.  she's an ardent believer in ethical fashion [and ethical everything] and has developed a macro-vision for basic.'s future. during the week, she's working with lacey or with her husband, or she's hanging at the house and vacuuming her animals' never-ending fur tumbleweeds. when she's not doing those things, you'll find her on the couch watching documentaries in her psychedelic cat t-shirt with her husband and their pets taco and dynamite. she's the introvert of the work wives, but don't let her silence fool you.  she's fun and friendly, and she would do anything for those she cares about.  she's got a heart of gold and a head full of ideas.