about 7115 by szeki

designed in new york city. made in a 7115-owned factory in guangzhou city, china.


7115 by szeki was founded in 2008 in new york city by szeki chan two years after she graduated from the parsons school of design. her designs focus on simple silhouettes that feature thoughtfully considered detailing. 7115 believes in investing in less and spending more time with what you have.

every piece is designed in new york (and now copenhagen!) and expertly crafted in made-to-order small batches by their in-house production studio in guangzhou city, china. because szeki owns 100% of her production outright 

szeki lives on the lower east side with her husband, their son, and my favorite shop dog. 


7115 was one of the first brands i found when i began researching ethical fashion. because of my own aesthetic, i was drawn to the multi-functionality of the brand’s designs. szeki was responsible for my personal unicorn: a bag dress that is also flattering and still feels like i’m wearing a super soft bedsheet.

szeki is a meticulous person in general, and she’s obsessively thorough in her design process. she painstakingly explores functionality, versatility, and approachability, and she does so while simultaneously refusing to abandon the beauty and style of the garment. she’s a magician of draping, and her sumo coats are a dream.

as i’ve gotten to know her, she’s become someone for whom i have an immense amount of respect. in a part of the world where flexibility for the working mother is hard to come by, szeki prioritizes and accommodates the families of her seamstresses. her production facility is a daylight-filled space, and her team shares a home-cooked lunch together in their fully outfitted commercial kitchen everyday. after lunch, the whole group has naptime. NAPTIME, YALL. all of her employees, whether in new york or in china, seem to feel a sense of ownership and pride in the company. to create beautiful things is impressive. to create a beautiful environment is remarkable. 


i wrote this blog a while back, and i wanted to add a few things. since the covid-19 healthcare crisis began turning the world upside down, szeki has validated time and again the reasons that we work with her. not only did she close down her entire production studio and storefronts before it was mandated, but she's still been paying her employees, making sure her stockists are financially solvent, and converting in-home production to crafting reusable masks. her friendship is truly an honor.