alice in wonderland

alice in wonderland

birmingham, alabama | April 2021

photography alyssa carpenter 
creative direction basic. 
floral + set design holly carlisle 
floral assist cole lewter



dreamers supply co

eyes of wise

honeycreeper chocolate

magic city organics

mytho menagerie

ritual shelter

studio 264

alex smith
billy halliday
brittany mcnaughton
drea harbin
leighlee petersen
lindsey hisey
mark hyde
precious sanders
cherryn wang
jennifer alsabrook
lotus the doll
prashant upadhyay
reggie collier
samra michael
tatiana red
tyler hatcher

down the rabbit hole

a little over a year ago, a rabbit hole opened up, and the world fell into it. ever since, we’ve...

meet the characters

the white rabbit

prashant styled by leighlee petersen

the caterpillar

tatiana styled by precious sanders

the mad hatter

reggie styled by precious + brittany + alex

the march hare

tyler styled by precious + brittany + alex

the cheshire cat

jennifer styled by alex smith

the red queen

lotus the doll styled by herself

the white queen

cherryn styled by forecast salon

imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

—lewis carroll

down the rabbit hole

a little over a year ago, a rabbit hole opened up, and the world fell into it. ever since, we’ve been on a topsy turvy adventure of fear and pain and enlightenment and horror and awakening and hope, and very few have emerged unscathed. if the cheshire cat wasn’t already correct, it certainly is now— we’re all mad here.

we when first conceptualized this campaign, we imagined a vivid shoot that would spotlight individual characters + the folks who created their looks. we pictured a grande version of our style wars (check reels if you’re unfamiliar), and each team would design a character to be voted on by our community. as we explored further the scope of the message we wanted to share, though— things evolved.

our conversation began with highlighting the individual over the group, but we came to the conclusion that both stories are equally important. with the characters, we can examine mental wellness, personal accountability, and self-acceptance + highlight killer local talent in the process. the group allows us to speak to a society that embraces our differences and sees value in who we are as a part of the whole— a society we’d desperately like to exist in.

as we enter mental health awareness month, whether the images help you feel seen or the info that comes with them leads to personal growth, we hope this project moves you in some way.


a special thank you to the wildly skilled folks who collaborated on this wonderland in birmingham. your ability is bonkers.

photography: @alyssarosev

creative direction: @abasicshop 

floral + set design: @hollymcarlisl

floral assist @colewter

white queen styling: @forecastsalon + @brittany_forecastsalon + @billyhalliday_forecastsalon + @eyesofwise + @lindsayhisey_forecastsalon + @hollymcarlisle (floral headpiece)

cheshire cat styling:

caterpillar styling: @psandersmakeup + @colewter (mushroom accessories)

white rabbit styling: @vivantleivida + @moe_forecastsalon + @hollymcarlisle (foliage ears)

mad hatter styling: @brittany_forecastsalon + + psandersmakeup + @hollymcarlisle (boutonniere)

march hare styling: @psandersmakeup + @brittany_forecastsalon + @alex.smith.hai


props: @dreamerssupplyco, @magiccityorganics, @honeycreeperchocolate, @mythomenagerie, @ritualshelter, and @studio.264

models: @tylerhatcher, @_sa1nt, @prashant.yay, @damagedbread, @lotusthedoll, @samrathecurator,, @bangimages