a basic. reintroduction

a basic. reintroduction

a basic. reintroduction—

because basic. is an extension of the people that make her up, she’s evolved over time in the same way her humans have. we’ve expanded who we are and what we think we can do because we’ve grown more confident in our own ability to affect real change (and we’re less afraid to fail along the way). we’ve all weathered some rocky storms recently— but the sun is out, and basic. is beginning to bloom, y’all. 

basic. is a human-centric + progress-oriented slow fashion platform founded on a strong belief in the ‘basic’ rights of all people (get it?). the small indie brands we stock produce ethically-made staple garments within transparent supply chains because we want to know #whomadeourclothes— and we want you to know that, too. we believe that clothing should make a person feel as good on the inside as they do on the outside because folks, it’s cool to care.

over the past few decades, how we talk about what we buy has dramatically shifted. major corporations with hefty bottom lines have fostered a society of comparison, and they perpetually stoke the need to keep up with a trend (and the joneses). without even realizing it, folks get trapped in an endless cycle of purchase and discard, purchase and discard, purchase and discard, to the detriment of others and no real benefit to themselves. the slow fashion movement is trying to change all of that— we want to bring thought and intention back into the conversation.

last year was the roller coaster no one saw coming, but the silver lining of 2020 was the opportunity to both individually and collectively slow down and assess. in many respects, it was one (long) big lesson in perspective. but we’re armed with new information about our fellow humans + the world around us, and we now have an arsenal of knowledge with which to live consciously and intentionally. if there were ever a time to change our behavior as consumers and citizens…why not now?

alongside the rest of the world, our little team is also shifting and growing, and we’re manifesting big hope and magic. businesses were never supposed to be stagnant, so we’ve decided to lean in to the twists and turns. this is basic.’s year to become, and we can’t wait to see exactly who she turns out to be.

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