badass bham womxn campaign

badass bham womxn campaign

badass womxn (n.) - a woman that stands up for herself and is confident; not afraid to challenge the hierarchy, the patriarchy, or conventional thinking.


women do all the things.

they’re our biggest supporters, wisest counselors, and most dependable confidants. they’re our sisters, wives, and best friends. they’re (really) who run the world (WE SEE YOU, KAMALA!).

it’s no secret that we like to celebrate the X chromosome at basic. in fact, we’re pretty sure that women have superpowers and the women specific to our community have theirs on full force. as it stands though, most women haven’t historically gotten the credit we deserve. so, to honor and highlight those who continuously inspire us, we have created a project we like to call the ‘badass womxn campaign’.

the badass womxn campaign is an ongoing project that evolved from a desire to couple sharing stories of cool folks doing cool things with building content that felt authentic for basic. we wanted to elevate the voices and causes of people we admire, and we also wanted to photograph our clothes on real people with real (all different!) bodies + real lives. as it turns out, it’s a helluva lot more fun to get a group of good womxn together to play dress up and take pictures than it is to pose the same person over and over again.

so far, we’ve featured artists, designers, chefs, women in STEM, journalists, research scientists, business owners, attorneys, and more. we’ve gotten to hear some profound stories, and we’ve learned so much in the process. we look forward to introducing you guys to more WOW than we ever could have imagined.

the badass womxn campaign is for all you womxn who show up, speak up, and do the dang thing. it’s for the women standing in front of you at the grocery store checkout, the women walking past you on the street, and all the women whose stories we don’t even know yet. it’s for the women who paved the way, and it’s for the women to come. it’s for women in general...because women are a treasure.

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