designer spotlight— ajaie alaie

designer spotlight— ajaie alaie

designed in crown heights, brooklyn. made in accredited factories in india and peru.


daniella samper launched her line, ajaie alaie, in late 2015 after graduating from the esteemed fashion institute of technology. from there, she put her own multicultural beliefs about life and style to work.

daniella focuses on the integrity of her designs. she has mastered silhouettes that feature thoughtfully considered detailing accentuated by a tiny bit of unexpectedly fun drama. life and passion translate through the effervescent spirit of her garments. 

ajaie alaie is mindful about its carbon footprint. they source a large portion of their fabric through deadstock avenues, and any additional fabrics used are linen, silk, organic cotton, alpaca wool, tencel, or cupro. dyes are ASO free, and they place a heavier emphasis each season on using an air dye process that eliminates water waste in its production. no receipts or printed invoices accompany their shipments, and all packages are mailed in recycled boxes. each ajaie alaie garment comes individually wrapped in a mesh bag meant for your personal laundry or vegetable tote use, and each piece has a weighted magnet in it for balance and stability in our everyday lives. 

daniella lives with her husband and their dog in brooklyn. 


there are a lot of reasons to love ajaie alaie, but what initially sparked my interest was the brand’s retro femininity and use of unusual deadstock fabrics. daniella is not only an incredibly cerebral person who is intensely focused on her company’s global footprint, she’s also just a crazy talented designer. every pleat has a purpose, and her ethereal, playful designs are really, really fun to wear. she’s got the 60’s housewife meets modern muse down to a science, and she marries the two seamlessly. 

one of the most important qualities that i look for in a designer is the willingness to continue learning and evolving. i seek out brands who are actively looking to improve upon their own production practices and build safe, collaborative workspaces. the entire ethos of ajaie alaie is self-love and the empowerment of others while also being mindful of the world around us. daniella’s thoughtfulness in regards to her seamstresses, employees, the environment, and humankind at large speak volumes about her character. we feel fortunate to be a small part of her world. 

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