maacah davis for basic.'s black history month feature

black HERstory - maacah davis

Maacah Davis poses with her skateboard for basic. Black HERstory.

“Mockingbird,” only if you’re my godfather.
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I am a publisher, creative director, and strategist. What it all boils down to is this: I tell compelling stories for brands, and add “extra” to the ordinary. So, I publish a fashion magazine (ordinary), but I define diversity not just by the number of women of color we have on the pages, but by the number of women who are in charge behind the scenes—and, we publish fanciful concepts like frost queen and mermaid editorials (extra). I host a dinner party series (ordinary) in interesting spaces with unexpected details (extra). Like everyone else, I hosted a Roaring 20s party for NYE (ordinary), but I threw in a fire breather and an aerialist (extra). The drama is in the details, and that’s where I live: always asking how we can do more.

My personal style is “leather and lace,” in that sometimes it’s edgy, sometimes it’s frilly and whimsical, but it’s always tailored and *must* be comfortable. Versatility is the name of the game, so I favor dresses and outfits I can wear with either sneakers or heels, and which can take me just about anywhere.

Breathe easy, focus, and be kind to yourself. Life is too short to be either ordinary or cruel.

I think that when you are a woman—and, a black woman specifically—who frequently does the improbable, it’s easy for people to want to write your accomplishments off as the result of luck or magic, rather than intelligence and sheer hard work. Don’t let them.

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