what we're wearing in 2021

what we're wearing in 2021

every january, the internets are littered with brands and influencers offering their respective takes on “What We’re Wearing This Year”. each will give suggestions on how best to incorporate fall florals or the most sophisticated ways to wear athleisure, complete with links to their favorite recs and flatlays for visual reference. and that’s all well and good, right? of course it is.

a woman wearing white glasses with cropped hair stands with her hands on her hips in a boxy brown long-sleeve sweater layered over a mandarin orange button-up maxi dress. the background is goldenrod with pink and orange doodles.

for basic., though, content like that kind of goes against most of what we stand for...because what we’re wearing this year is the same as what we were wearing last year, and it’s the same as what we’ll be wearing next year. what we wear doesn’t get an annual overhaul. what we wear is the anti-trend.

a woman with closely cropped hair looks over her left shoulder while she poses in a cobalt blue sleeveless top with her hand on her hip. the background is navy with chartreuse doodles.

over the past few decades, society’s pressure to ‘keep up with’ has intensified with the boom of the fast fashion industry. as a result, the way we think about how we buy clothes has also shifted, and not necessarily for the better. we’ve lost the art of what fashion is really supposed to be a personality-complementing physical barrier to help protect our bodies from the elements and made it into something impossible to keep up with a personality-defining comparison tool. it’s no small wonder we’ve gotten away from the real purpose of why we wear what we wear.

a woman with chin-length blonde hair wearing wire-rimmed glasses stands with her hand in her pocket. she is wearing a cream ribbed long sleeved sweater with forest green tapered ankle-length trousers.

i can’t tell you how many women have stood in our shop and said, “i don’t know how to dress,” or “i don’t know what’s flattering on me,” or “i don’t have good style,” and we actually really understand those feelings. it’s impossible to figure out what genuinely feels good to and on our unique body when we’re trying to emulate what everyone else is wearing. there are no two exactly alike bodies in the world why would we try to dress them as though they were?

a woman with short brown hair faces away from the camera, slightly looking back over her right shoulder. she is wearing a taupe cropped cable-knit sweater over a black silk slip dress. the background is goldenrod with hibiscus and orange doodles.

so, what we’d encourage you to wear in 2021 is whatever the hell you want to. take this year to be intentional with your wardrobe as it relates to your life figure out what feels good on your skin and fits your body comfortably, determine whether what you’re wearing moves right for your lifestyle, and identify what makes you feel confident when you put it on and then dress accordingly. it sounds like a line, but we find that folks do actually look the best in clothes that make them feel the best. wild how that works, right?

this year, what we’re wearing is OURSELVES. we’d love for you to join in on the fun!

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