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sustainable laundry guide

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a sweet Sustainable Laundry Guide that is thoughtfully written by Echoview’s founder, Julie Jensen, and delightfuly illustrated by Alden Roberts, it is a quick deep dive into the world of sustainable laundry. a large part of the environmental impact of clothing occurs after we have brought it home, wear and wash it, and then (usually) when it finds its way to the landfill.

we compiled this guide to help us all collectively reframe our mindset about how we can do laundry in a way that will help to ease our impact on the world.

with sections such as Mindfulness in Cleaning, Soap Vs. Detergent, The Green Laundry Pantry Guide, and a Quick Guide for Stains, this guide can be returned to again and again for the helpful tips, but also for the little mental exercises laid out within.

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