about miranda bennett studio

designed and made in austin, texas.


a native of austin, texas, miranda bennett’s pursuit of fashion took her to new york city, and the parsons school of design. upon graduation, she launched her first collection. twelve years later, she relocated back to austin to create a mission oriented clothing line that strives to marry aesthetically compelling apparel with meaningful production practices focused around circularity and environmental stewardship. 


miranda bennett studio is a collection of modern, plant-dyed apparel made in austin, texas. they cut, process, dye, and ship their garments from their atx studio. all production is done exclusively with open arms, an austin based sustainable apparel manufacturer empowering refugees through fair-wage employment.

miranda bennett's design ethos is based on thoughtful simplicity. coveted for a combination of versatility, style, luminous color and ease, her apparel is celebrated for making the woman inside the focal point. each collection is designed to mix and match seamlessly with previously released styles and limited edition color ways, creating elevated building blocks for everyday wear.

the dyes used in all mbs apparel are created with plant-derived materials, including extracts of various wood varieties, pomegranate rind and natural indigo. they are currently transitioning to a sourcing initiative to utilize zero waste dye-stuff. their complete zero waste initiative is a collection of actions that accomplish the mission of diverting every scrap of textile remnants from landfills. 

the invest heavily in their local community in many ways.


as a southern woman myself, i'm always on the hunt for designers down here who are quietly making an impact. when i first started looking at megan huntz, i was almost immediately met with next level awesome. megan's claim, stamped all over her brand, was "i'll show you how to wear a dress." BOOM. confident, proud, and so damn boss. and she doesn't disappoint.  

as a fellow dreamer with an affinity for art and culture, megan and i connected almost instantly. she's lived a profoundly full life for her age, and she's done it with style and poise. she's intelligent, thoughtful, and crazy artistic. she invests in her local community and believes in the responsibility of the individual to leave things a bit better than we found them. i think maybe she sees the world through brighter eyes than the rest of us.

regardless, i'm v glad she taught me to wear a dress. let her teach you to wear one too.